October 24, 2017 | Jolt Ladder

Knowing what the job market will look like in a few years can help you make wise educational and career choices today. Following is a peek into what experts are saying about the 2020 job market.

A Master's Degree Can Make a Difference

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that jobs requiring a Master's degree will grow by up to nearly 22% by the year's end. Such a degree may be imperative for certain careers and there is likely to be a shortage in workers who have the required education needed to take on specialized jobs.

Healthcare Will be a Field of Choice

The demand for trained healthcare workers is high now and will only grow in the near future. Thankfully, even those who do not have the financial resources to become doctors, dentists and RNs can get on the bandwagon. Good healthcare career options available even to those without a graduate degree include working as a dental assistant, physical therapist assistant, home healthcare provider and certified nursing assistant.

Big Data Will Rule

Big data will continue to rule in the near future as information technology advances and companies continue putting a premium on analyzing and interpreting important data. Data analysts and most computer-related jobs will continue increasing in the near future.

Big Cities are In

Experts predict that large cities that currently have a flourishing job market will continue to offer plentiful job opportunities in the future. Such cities include San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, Bridgeport, New York and Chicago.

While your dreams, aspirations and aptitudes should play a big role in determining your career path, it is also wise to look at current market data to ensure you will be able to find work easily upon graduation. The above mentioned trends can play a big role in finding a good job and they offer plenty of career path options to suit your needs.

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