December 9, 2020 | Jolt Ladder

Employers have to be mindful of the laws that protect people in certain classes. Therefore, your employer must accommodate you if you have a true religious preference. However, you have to make sure that you request your accommodation appropriately and that your accommodation doesn't interfere with business operations. These are some tips for requesting accommodation for your religious preferences.

Try to Let Them Know Before You Start

The best way to get a schedule modification for a religious observance is to tell them before you start working for them. That will make it easier for them to accommodate you if they take you on. They may indeed decide to go with an available employee during such times, but it's a chance that you might want to take so that things will be a little bit easier for everyone.

See if You Can Bargain With Another Day

There are always days that certain people don't want to work during the week. Perhaps you can bargain with another day. For example, you can agree to work every Sunday if your religious observance day is Saturday and vice versa. Your employer might be able to switch your day with another employee so that they won't be out of a worker during your time of need.

Give Them Time to Make Arrangements

Let your employer know about your accommodation needs as soon as possible. You should always try to give them the courtesy of time to make the necessary adjustments. We suggest letting your employer know about your accommodation needs at least two weeks in advance. Allow them the time to make schedule changes, and try to be there for them while you're waiting for them to make those adjustments. That way, you'll show them that you're a considerate employee who cares about the business's needs.

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