September 15, 2020 | Jolt Ladder

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused us to look at many things differently. Handshaking, parties and work to name a few. With the new realization of "essential" vs. "non-essential" jobs, many people are questioning their career choices.

We are suddenly asking ourselves, "Is my job really important? Am I essential?" Let's look at a few things you need to know to stay employed during a pandemic, or any other emergency for that matter.

Essential Is Not Always Impressive

One of the most difficult realizations many people had to make during the quarantine was to admit that their impressive career may not have been all that essential. As employees were sent home from their jobs and unemployment rates skyrocketed, many were left wondering where their job security went. While job hunting or career planning, it is often tempting to seek out employment which is both high paying and impressive. Job seekers should instead be asking themselves if their career is essential? Will they have job security even in the bleakest health or economic crisis?

Many essential jobs are not necessarily impressive. Many of them are considered blue-collar work. This creates a need to reevaluate our priorities concerning employment.

Blue Collar/Essential Does Not Equal Low Pay

Blue-collar essential jobs are often looked down upon because they are considered lower-paying jobs. Consider this, the average salary of a computer programmer in New York is $49K- $100K yearly. The average salary of an electrician in New York is $57K- $90K yearly. The income difference between a degree holding, white-collar, non-essential employee, and a well-trained, non-degree holding, blue-collar essential employee is not substantial. The job security between the two, however, is vastly different.

During these times of re-evaluation, take some time to really research occupations. Don't assume you know what a good job is or isn't. Do the research. Collect the numbers and make career choices based on reality rather than assumption.

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