September 24, 2018 | Jolt Ladder

Losing a job can certainly be a tough time in a person's life, but what if you already have a job but feel that you should quit it? This is can be a huge conflict. Quitting a job is a definitely a risk. Here are a few tips to help you determine if quitting a job is a wise choice for you?

Your Motivation

Your motivation in wanting to quit is important. You should take some time to honestly evaluate your motive before you quit. If after evaluating your motive you discover that your reasons behind wanting to quit are shallow or childish, then you should reconsider. However, if you discover that your motive is based on a legitimate reason for quitting, then moving on from the job may be a good choice for you.

Some Good Reasons to Quit a Job

There are several good reasons a person should quit a job. One important reason a person may quit a job is because a better job opportunity has come along. Remember there is a difference between an opportunity and a chance. An opportunity means that you are almost certain of obtaining the job. A chance means that another job is simply available.

Another good reason to quit a job is because the work environment has become unhealthy. An unhealthy work environment does not always mean that someone is being sexually harassed. Sometimes there maybe nothing illegal going on at all, but the culture of the work place is not suitable to emotional health. For instance encouraging an unhealthy level of competition among co-workers, leadership figures with poor leadership skills, or even subtle bullying in the workplace can create an unhealthy work environment.

Illegal activities is the ultimate good reason to quit a job and follow up with authorities.

You may think in today's economy no one should ever quit a job, but sometimes there are good reasons to do so.

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