April 18, 2018 | Jolt Ladder

You’ve finally found a job you love, and a boss you like. It’s great to feel like you have an ally at work; someone who appreciates your work, and with whom you can have a good laugh at the office water cooler. Just don’t make the mistake of taking your boss friendship outside the office. Here’s why.

Your Friendship Might End

Sometimes friendships don’t last forever. You may have a disagreement that neither of you can get past. If that happens, it will be a painful feeling that you’ll need to recover from. Now imagine how bad it will feel if you still have to not only face that friend who hurt you, but follow their orders, all day at work.

You Might Slip and Say Something

Like many friends, you might spend time enjoying a pint or two at the local pub. Drinks loosen lips, and you might end up saying something about work that your boss/friend could either take offense from, or use later on when you’re at work. It sounds unlikely, but slip ups like this do happen.

You Can’t Complain About Work

Speaking of work, you won’t be able to unload all your work complaints to your friend who’s also your boss. And isn’t that one of the best parts about having a friend-having someone whom you don’t work with, who you can gossip with about your office mates.

Your Colleagues Might Get Jealous

If word gets out that you’ve become chummy with your boss, other people in the office may get jealous. They may even think that you’re getting preferential treatment.

There are lots of other people to be friends with besides the person you work for. Being friends with your boss poses too many threats to your personal happiness, as well as your career.

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